Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spread the Love on Your Wedding Day

I love the idea of celebrating your love by giving back to the community on your wedding day. There are several organizations set up to help you do this. Here are a few:

* idofoundation.org Offers a "charity registry" (you register with charities you'd like your guests to donate to, in lieu of gifts). It also allows you to register with I Do Foundation's partners ( ex. Target). Up to 10% of guests' gift purchases from these partner stores will be donated to your selected charity. These donations are made at no additional cost to you or your guests.

Donate left-over food from your reception to secondharvest.org/foodbanks

Even though you insist that you picked dresses that your bridesmaids can "wear again"--they probably won't. Encourage your friends to donate their dresses to organizations that provide free prom dresses to high school girls that cannot otherwise afford them. Here are 3 such organizations:

* princessproject.org

* safeinsacramento.org - Cinderella's Closet

* glassslipperproject.org

Encore Bridal also donates a portion of our profits from every sale to charities that support cervical cancer research and education.

Now don't you feel good?!

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